Enjoy Downtown Mountain View

Definitely plan on having dinner in Mountain View before enjoying Opal Nightclub. Within walking distance of OPAL, there are approximately 100 restaurants, ranging from fast, casual, inexpensive to full-service, fine-dining.

The rich diversity of the downtown district is reflected the wide variety of cuisine. Some of the different types of restaurants include Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Morrocan, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, American, Turkish, French, Asian Fusion, Seafood, Tapas, Pizza, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. There are several popular bakeries, some independent coffee houses, ice cream and gelato places and five boba tea joints. Many of the restaurants in Mountain View have sidewalk seating.

Mountain View also has some independent retail stores, including boutiques and bookstores. Castro Street is lively and exciting year round. Parking is conveniently located on Castro Street and in public garages and lots.

The Caltrain station is on Evelyn Ave. and is a perfect solution for those that want to go out, but still return home at a reasonable hour. It is 1 1/2 blocks from OPAL. Caltrain usually stops running at midnight, but offers extended hours on New Years Eve.

There are hundreds of start-ups in the downtown district and Mountain View is home to some of the most innovative high-tech companies in the world. OPAL is a popular destination for tech employees and the perfect venue for events. Please contact Michael Van Anthony, OPAL General Manager, to book your VIP table: [email protected]